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a GURL with a PLAN

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Everyone loves a good planner. At the start of the new year, we have resolutions and plans and visions and dreams - so we chart out to buy the perfect planner. We keep it going through the first quarter pretty well, but by April, those daily entries turn to weekly and by May it's more like once a month and then you are cleaning up in the fall and find it someplace not having been used since the summer. In 2022 I didn't want to do this dance. Sooooo, I created my own Journal/Planner! It was one of my goals for 2021 that I kept putting off until the latter part of the year. Each time I was about to go final, God gave me some other aspect of the process - using my own pitfalls in getting this done. You see nothing happens without proper planning. I mean, nothing great that is. Things are happening all the time in our lives. Some by happenstance, others by circumstance but in the times when we have done as the word says - "Write the vision, make it plain," we see results; we are able to be proactive and not reactive; lives change and there is much fruit when a well executed plan comes to pass.

Even my church (New Life in Christ) theme for this year is INTENTIONAL LIVING! All that needed to fall into place for me to make this year different than years passed was coming together. Isn't that just like God? It was the same way for me a couple of years ago. In 2018 I published my book, Phenomenal Woman…Gurl That’s U! From that book, I developed a workshop for executing a plan based on your vision for your life as a result of reading the book. From that workshop, I developed a planning sheet to layout projects and break those projects down to executable tasks to get it done. From that planning sheet, I enhanced the workshop into a LifeGroup called a GURL with a PLAN. From that LifeGroup, I developed this planner/journal that anyone ready to execute can use.

I can't wait to get it out! It's in the final editing stages. When you dive into it you will find UNDATED pages for the month, the week, and the day. This is intentional. Can you recall a time when you purchased a planner for the year and had every intention of using it all year long? January you filled those days up like a champ! February you were still going strong! Around March you started to get discouraged because something you wrote down for getting done in January was still not finished. April came and you could not even find the planner because you thought you left it on your nightstand, but it was actually on your desk. By May wherever it was in April, it is still there, and you are not even thinking about it week after week. In August you run across it while looking for something else and get reenergized and say to yourself – just start writing in today and get back on track. You do that for about two weeks and then decide I may as well wait for the next calendar year planners to go on sale, get one of those and try again. Can you recall a year or two for you that happened like that? What was your woulda, shoulda, coulda planner method that you just couldn’t master? We all have one!

A Gurl with a PLAN is meant to follow the rhythms of your productive seasons. Yes seasons! We all have seasons in our lives when we are more productive than others. There are times when you just feel like it and other times when all you can muster is the day-to-day things you HAVE to do to keep all the balls in the air without crashing down. When I have had my most productive times, it is when I have been intentional about 7 things – My Plan, My Purpose, My Plate, My Progress, My People, My Pursuit and My Power. I am going to break each of them down in the next 7 sections. It is an easy read so you can get ready, set, and go get those goals you have for this planner! I want to suggest if you are doing this on your own, consider getting another one for a friend or accountability partner and work your PLAN together! If not, and it is just you and me – then I've got you sis. We’re in this together.

As you read this with another sister, on your own, or in a LifeGroup I want you to see yourself winning throughout. I want you wining for the purpose of making a difference in your life for the better; the purpose of lifting you up; and finally, the tangible expression of your SHINE! When you embrace your SHINE (Special Happening Inside Nobody Else) it will ILLUMINATE God’s glory on your life. When that happens, you need to be about the business of executing the PLAN for that Gurl’s life! That’s where this planner comes in!

A Gurl with a PLAN first teaches you about laying out an executable plan and then gives you the tools and the blank pages to make one or two and DO them. It is about action. It is also about not preempting your actions with set in stone calendar dates that just keep coming and going regardless of your natural rhythms. This journal/planner is blank for you to use for the amount of time you need it to execute a few projects at a time for a certain period, or for daily/weekly/monthly planning. You make it what you need it to be by laying out the day/week/month as you see fit. You set the course based on what your REAL life has going on right now. That's what we mean by Purpose Living Action NOW! You are much more likely to complete (action) whatever the goal is (purpose) so that your life (living) will have structure and meaning in the NOW! You can get all the tools you need in this one planner, along with downloadable videos to step you through using it to its fullest capacity. It will help turn your vision board into an actionable board in no time.

Today's blog entry is to get your thoughts about it before I go final, final! Preorders start January 11th. That's 1-11-22. I can't wait for you to see it! It's the first day of 2022 and I am a Gurl with a PLAN! How about you? Oh and if this is one of my brothers reading this then I know you know a Gurl with a Plan you could bless with this (smile). You could use it for yourself, but it's pink. (more smiles)


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