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Week One Gratitude

Day 1 of 30. All month I will share a gratitude thought for the day. I believe gratefulness is a great counter to complaining. My first day started a little late but it is the top of my list. I am grateful for GOD and that he simply does what he says. It’s not based on me but on him and his promises! Thankful for his faithfulness in spite of mine. Love u! Be blessed today!

Day 2 of 30. Today I am grateful for Zoom. WHAT WOULD WE HAVE DONE DURING THE PAST 7 months without it? It gets on my nerves some days but I don’t want it to go away! Thankful. How about you? What r u grateful for today? Be blessed today!

Day 3 of 30. Today I am grateful for my testimony. Your testimony. Whatever it took to be here today. God did it. On this Election Day it is my prayer God will put us back together as a country and show all opposition to peace what our unity can do. Thankful. How about you? What r u grateful for today? Be blessed!

Day 4 of 30. #dagdailydose My smile from yesterday is still in tact this morning and this is why I am grateful. Election results don’t factor into my peace today. I am not surprised. I will continue to wait on the Lord for the final say. His POWER results didn’t change. I will not be moved, because HE DIDN’T move off the throne. The Lord is my light & salvation. Whom shall I fear.

Day 5 of 30. Today I am grateful for technology. When the pandemic hit, churches and businesses who depend on in person participation to survive got hit hard. My daughter who is a comedian and other entertainers, sports teams, motivational speakers and the like who make their living with an audience were hit hard. Due to technology, however, from the couch, and the dinner table, and the office, or where ever your “streaming spot” in your house is, we were able to stay connected. At New Life we didn’t miss a beat. We got our technology tightened up a bit and trained a couple of staff members on some things that volunteers help make happen and bam – not one Sunday or Wednesday was missed. I am grateful because I know that was not the case everywhere. Friends who travel and speak were not as ready or able to bounce back and oh by the way this is not changing any time soon. My daughter is now back on the road with Covid friendly venues; and my friends are speaking via zoom; and I am coaching and consulting more clients than in person over zoom; and finally my church and my Bishop have more than tripled our weekly reach over this period of “Pandemic”. I am grateful that technology affords us the ability to do MORE THAN WE imagined when we stepped back and REIMAGINED how we were doing it. God will allow your gift to make room for you and then when you need it to make room in another way – he will allow things like technology to continue to show us who he is when you are doing it for the glory of God. This is my grateful reflection today. What are you grateful for? How has technology been a blessing to you?

Day 6 of 30. Today I am grateful for setbacks. Sometimes you have to have them to regroup and understand u still need God. Setbacks remind us who to trust in the first place. Setbacks usually reveal the thing you exalted above Gods power. I am grateful that in the past setbacks have always helped me pivot and draw closer to God. Today we see on the national stage that setbacks (red state) one day can turn around and show us Blues clues that we should have never counted out The Masters Plan. This is my story today. What setbacks have shown up in ur life to ensure u reassess and press? Be blessed today overcomers!!!

My 30 Days of Gratitude

Day 7 of 30. Today I am grateful for being 52 years young . I am a 60's baby. Anyone who was BORN in the 60's-70's, we are the last generation that played in the street. We are the FIRST to play video games and the LAST to record songs off the radio onto a cassette tape. We walked over a mile without worry of being taken (from Cedar street to Happy Hollow multiple days of the month!) ...watched cartoons on Saturday mornings... programmed the VCR before anyone else...played Atari, & Nintendo...and went to house parties where we danced up a sweat! We are the generation of Fat Albert, Star Trek, Soul Train, Search for Tomorrow, Gilligan’s Island, knots Landing, Scooby-Doo, & Good Times...We traveled in cars w/o seat belts or airbags & lived without cell phones. We did not have flat screens, surround sound, iPads, Facebook, Twitter, call waiting, computers or the Internet...But we had a GREAT time! Copy and Re-post with a picture & highlights of your generation. And I am still here #agechallenge IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY...that’s not until December 22nd. Anyhoo! What are you grateful for?

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