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The Art of WE

“Some sailors tried to jump ship . . . . Paul saw through their guise and told the centurion and his soldiers, ‘If these sailors don't stay with the ship, we're all going down.’” Acts 27:30-31 (The Message)

The quality most needed among teammates amidst the pressure of a difficult challenge is collaboration. Becoming a collaborative team player requires a change in four areas:

Perception: See teammates as collaborators, not competitors-completing one another is more important than competing with one another.

Attitude: Be supportive, not suspicious, of teammates-if you trust people, you will treat them better. And both you and they will be more likely to create collaborative relationships.

Focus: Concentrate on the team, not yourself-author Cavett Roberts points out, "True progress in any field is a relay race and not a single event." If you focus on the team and not just yourself, you will be able to pass the baton when necessary.

Results: Create great victories through multiplication-collaboration has a multiplying effect on everything you do, because it releases and harnesses not only your skills but those of everyone on the team.

As kingdom teams we are all on the ship together. We are going to the same destination. It’s not a pleasure cruise where we can do what we want and eat all we can eat with daily entertainment available on the promenade deck. We are under rowers on this ship and the passengers drown when we don’t do our part and take our turns rowing in sync. Let us stay with the ship and do our parts. Be encouraged! You matter, no matter what deck you‘re on!

Be blessed and be a blessing!


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