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Single Mom...We See U!

SINGLE MOTHER TRIBUTE Written by Dagne Barton

For not getting you a new dress because someone needed a band uniform; For not going on a girls trip in order to send him or her on a school trip; For working a second job because it's senior year and there are more expenses; For doing your own hair so that they could get their braids done by the professional; For using your birthday gift card to get them new shoes and making the sacrifice time and time again TO THE SINGLE MOM, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE OF HOW IT CAME TO BE, WE SEE YOU, WE HONOR YOU, WE SPEAK YOUR NAME.

For co-parenting in the best of times and the worst of times For taking the high road when you really wanted to bust somebody in the mouth! For co-parenting and making your children's relationship with their father the priority over your own relationship or lack thereof…WE SPEAK YOUR NAME.

For making breakfast, lunch, and dinner and every snack in between; For helping with homework, and last minute projects needing a midnight run to WalMart; For calming boy talk and girl talk and giving THE talk and helping maneuver the birds and the bees and the heartaches in between; For pointing them to their Heavenly Father and showing them how to pray and honor God like you do WE SPEAK YOUR NAME.

For training up your child in the way that he or she should go the best way you knew how; For showing up even when you just didn’t feel like it because it was just us; For letting me see you keep the standard and know your worth, while waiting on YOUR Boaz WE SPEAK YOUR NAME.

For being the nurse to fix my wounds, the teacher to fix my paper, the advocate to fight my cause, the innovator to make something old new again, the counselor to mend my heart, and the God fearing mommy to pray me through. For every encouragement. Every correction. Every spanking. every hug and every prayer just know that you are phenomenal, you are more than a conqueror, and our SheRo!! YOU ARE RESILIENT, WE SEE YOU AND WE SPEAK YOUR NAME!

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