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Moma Johnnie…A Gurl with a PLAN

Today‘s blog is the dedication from my book “A Gurl with a PLAN” Journal and Planner. It’s to my grandmother Johnnie who’s life lessons helped me get this done.

This book is dedicated to my grandmother Johnnie B. Kendrick. She is with the Lord now, but in the last year, she has been on my mind more often. In the past year I have been working on this book, the LifeGroup for the book, and the Planning Journal for the book. When I think of A Gurl With a PLAN – I am reminded that she not only had a plan everyday of her existence that took care of and raised 9 children but she also included in her PLAN the raising of half of Clarksville, Tennessee. She was a wife. She was a mother. She was a grandmother. She was a great-grandmother. She was a daughter and a niece caring for her aging parents and aunts next door and across the street. She was a housekeeper. She was a domestic. She

was a babysitter. She was a LifeChanger. Moma Johnnie worked EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. She

worked for various families during the week (Monday – Friday) during the day and babysat for them at night if need be. On Saturdays she almost always had kids to watch outside of her own home. I watched them come pick her up and bring her back home as a little girl living next door to her. On Sundays (her day of

rest?) she was still working. Some of the families she worked for went to the Methodist Church on Madison St. so when they were at church – they still had “Johnnie” taking care of their children in the church nursery.

While all of this was happening, Moma Johnnie was leaving a legacy and the execution of a PLAN that causes each of her children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren to RISE AND CALL HER BLESSED. She left a legacy of love that still lingers in every thought of her. With all she had to carry and all she had to do;

she was able to execute well because she had a PLAN. This book/planner/journal is in honor of her and all the women I know who have many hats, but only two hands and still make it work.

This is for Johnnie B! Love and miss you so much!

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