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may it be great!

Hi Sis! It's May 1! If this is the first month of using your blank pages in "A Gurl With a PLAN Journal and Planner" MAY IT BE GREAT for you! If you are continuing from last month or January - let's keep that same energy going into May. It is the first day of the month AND it's a Sunday! Take some time to plot out what your month looks like and as promised I have penciled in some things to help you make it great!

At a glance below we have the following:

  1. Make it Make Sense, Gurl every other Monday! Noon live with a 7pm Replay

  2. My Power Word Wednesdays - Scripture to fuel Your Power!

  3. Actual calendar dates to remember

  4. Talk about it Tuesday - Journal Starters for your journal!

  5. My P's reminders & More

Use what you like to get your May off to a GREAT start! Remember this - if this is not a good time for you to get into plotting out a plan, then it's ok! That's why the pages are blank - you can make this what you want! Whatever you do - just start. However you start is PROGRESS and then repeat tomorrow! I will be on my FB page live tomorrow at Noon for my FIRST make it make sense Monday. Do you want to know why it didn't happen back in March? I didn't plan for it. I took some time in April to plan for it - so we will START tomorrow. Blessing to you! Happy Planning! If you don't have a planner yet....well you know what to do - available at A GURL with a PLAN,


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