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Let No Plank Put Asunder

Matthew 7:3“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

Take a look at this pic. We were in line to board the plane to LA and I was sooo geeked. My hubby is not a selfie fan and this was my 15th one since we had left the house. He was a little bothered by this point and when I looked at the pic on the plane I said ok last one...until we land. Lol. Seriously though because I know him and didn‘t want him bothered I stopped.

Sometimes we have to do plank work. Not the exercise...gosh no! It’s the work of “checking yourself before wrecking yourself” Sometimes doing spring cleaning of that gathered sawdust of “specks” Is required. I am impatient, I tend to over administrate, I have a quick wit and too quick to respond at times to name a few.

Plank is defined as 1. a long, flat piece of timber, thicker than a board.  In the scripture it refers to a plank in comparison to sawdust. In other words (my words) sawdust gathered together over time may make a plank. I want us to avoid planka. Because if there is a plank in the eye doesn't that mean when a person tried to mention the speck we took it personal and then it turns to a plank over time?

It's no secret that my husband and I are different and thank God. I'm more extroverted and direct. He is more introverted and less likely to point out specks until they have gathered up a bit. Sometimes by the time he does say something I don’t respond well because by now it is a bit bigger than a speck. Not just marriage but all relationships are like that. As close friends, family and yes spouses you both have to live life right there together in close proximity to each other with dust “specks” flying everywhere everyday getting in each other's eyes! Smile. With the pandemic turn that up a notch. Whew! I bless God for my hubby though because in the end I know he is pointing it out in love...not to harm me but help me/us. I'm not trying to have no plank putting us asunder. Lol

If I know u and I have pointed out a piece of sawdust on/with u, that means I'm giving the green light for u to point out mine. Because if we are mutually picking out dust then no one has to walk around with a plank! Let's help each other handle the specks giving grace for our own known planks! Let no plank put us asunder.

Be encouraged today and inbox me or reply to me my sawdust so I can sufficiently deal with my own plank!  Lol

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