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Keep Up Your Maintenance

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Recently I was at Newbold Toyota for the maintenance appointment for 30000 miles on Isadore's Rav. When my hubby bought the car he got the full maintenance package so that we would just go to the dealer every 5000 miles and all basic maintenance is handled by the manufacturer. He did this so that when we come to the dealer they will have any custom part needed; they will know how to take it apart and build it again if necessary. When the regular maintenance is done on a Toyota you typically have a good car for life (it’s expected end). 

While sitting there, the Lord dropped in my spirit that we are the same way. If we just keep up our regular maintenance by keeping our tires rotated and topping off our levels of HIS spirit by reading his word (the manual). We need to monitor the wear and tear by staying connected with our regular (Sunday and Wednesday) maintenance rotating and balancing our tires (staying connected to like parts) we will be able to stay in our lane and not drift off the road.  Then when we break down we can go back to the dealer because he knows the end from the beginning; he knows every hair on our head; he knows the plans he has for us for our expected end.  Even if u have picked up some junk yard parts along the way he can work that together for ur good because the engine (heart soul mind) are still in tact and connected to our dealer (God). Let that encourage you!  Feeling like u need a tune up? Just pull into your dealership (church, lifegroup, ministry, house of faith) or your own shade tree maintenance at your house and let the hood up (raise ur hands in praise).  

Be Blessed and be a blessing.

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