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Just Play Your Hand

U have heard the saying that favor ain't fair. Well I say it's fair (favor) for those who Love the Lord our God. This scripture reminds me of that: Psalms 90:17 Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!

It's like playing spades with Jesus as ur partner!  Lets picture this hand. U have no spades!  U have a couple of possibles at best. U know u cant do anything but go board and u still may get set with this hand. But then Jesus speaks up (interceding on ur behalf) and says we r going 10for2!  U r like what???? A Boston Jesus for forrreal??? Jesus what u mean??? Do u know what I have in my hand!?!?  Jesus is like "just play ur hand. We got this." 

So u r making moves. U r trusting him and when the opponents start to play that Ace of heart that just beat out that queen u had, ur one possible dream in this sorry bum hand. Then out of nowhere BAM Jesus is cutting that mess up with a spade. Now that's ur book. Ur dreaming again!  Finally here is the good news. U r down to ur last cards and u don't know how u r going to make it. U trust Jesus and he shows u he also has BOTH JOKERS in his hand. They can't do anything to u without him being the one who is playing it!  Whew!  U thought u were set...u thought u would renig but u just played ur hand and THE MASTER OF THE SEAS established the work of ur hands by playing his in concert with urs. Beating the odds all the while. 

So just play ur hand and trust God. When ur connected to his favor and he is the author and finisher you will scoop up “books” you didn’t make!

That's what I heard!  Hope u r encouraged by it! Be blessed today...and be a blessing.

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