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It's HalfTime

OK Sis! We are HALFWAY THROUGH 2022! You now have as much time behind you as in front of you. This is not going to be my typical goal goal goal go go go rally cry. I want to talk to you this month about how you are FEELING? What are you doing with those feelings? Are you journaling? Are you imploding? Are you dealing with them in a healthy way? Make sure you check out the Tuesday journal prompts such as

1) I will

2) I know

3) I understand

4) I am

5) I promise

Did you notice that all these statements begin in the affirmative? They start with what you can and will do. So often, our language is riddled with negative thoughts and statements about ourselves. Whether consciously or subconsciously we say things that defeat us before we even leave the house in the morning. Watch your words! You can become your own worse critic! There is a video on my YouTube Channel called You Are Enough. Check it out in the Gurl with a PLAN playlist. The link is

The point is however you are FEELING about this being the middle of 2022, you are going to make it work! You are more than a conqueror! Think of 1 or 2 negative things you normally say or think and write a statement that detoxes those words! In other words, think of a scripture that shows you something different that you can hold on to and SHOW UP DIFFERENTLY in this 2nd half of 2022! Be Blessed and Be GREAT!

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