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Happy Mommy Day 2 the Wives/Moms

This week leading to Mother's Day I am saluting various Moms! Single moms was the first post on 5/1 and here is the next - wives and moms!

A virtuous woman, who can find one? Well Daddy did and so did we. We rise and call you blessed because you make the hardest job in the world look easy. TO THE WIFE AND MOTHER, WE SEE YOU, WE HONOR YOU, WE SPEAK YOUR NAME

To the career mommy we see you and we honor you. You can help daddy bring home the bacon, and show us how to fry it up in a pan and clean up your kitchen when we finish! You work your 9 to 5 because you were called to rock it in the marketplace. Your family pictures on your desk don’t compare to the masterpiece you manage to create at home. You balance your schedule to make every game, every recital, every school play and we speak your name.

To the stay at home wife and mommy we see you and we honor you. For being there for daddy and every child in the house to make sure we have the best start with something in the kitchen – even if its Fruit Loops you pour the best milk. For volunteering to be the one to drop me and my crew off at school and not complaining when you have to take some other parents turn on carpool. For knowing my teachers by name and doing a drive by when needed to check me out up close, even if I looked embarrassed. For taking care of everyone but you more times that we even know, we speak your name.

You may be a military mom who has the added pressure of deployments and TDYs as the military member or the military spouse. You have to endure extended periods of separation and carry the home front or be on the front lines and we speak your name.

You are the epitome of style and grace, you keep yourself together and all of us too. When times were tough, you kept a budget tighter than tight. You could make a dollar stretch and a meal or two too. You made hand me downs look like new money when you got finished working your skills. You always have the best advice, even when we don’t act like it. You make everything better…you just do…and we speak your name.

Your husband trusts you without reserve, and never has reason to regret it. Never spiteful, you treat him generously all your life long. Your children respect and bless you; your husband joins in with words of praise – you keep that twinkle in his eye: “Many women have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all!” Proverbs 31 woman, gurl that’s you! YOU ARE RESILLIENT, WE SEE YOU AND WE SPEAK YOUR NAME

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