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Gratitude Week 2

Here is Days 8-14 of 30 of my reasons to be grateful. Gratitude is the antidote for complaints. It’s is my desire to thank God intentionally this month. Not just on Thanksgiving but each day.

Day 8 of 30. I am grateful for and proud of us. In not only these cities but others such as Atlanta we kept the faith and did our civic duty. It was the thing that made all the difference. #proudofus #gratefulforus

Day 9 of 30. Today I am grateful for friendships and colleagues that don’t look like me. I have neighbors and friends of other races who I would leave my keys with when I am out of town. Friends who I serve with in organizations like UCM. I am grateful that in those relationships I can be fully me and proud to be me and they can be fully them and no one has to shrink or change. This country and some of the things we see on the news can make those authentic exchanges somewhat difficult but I am grateful for me it is not. The word says “how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”.

Day 10 of 30. I’m grateful to be active and financial again with ESLAC Delta Sigma Theta! I’m back! Had my a great Delta “welcome home” meeting this past Saturday. The way my life is setup I have just not had the time and I still don’t. I am choosing to continue the process of changing lives through every means necessary. DElta Sigma Theta started for me being a change agent in the community in Spring 88 in Iota Upsilon and I was chapter secretary and then chapter President for my last year of college. Sisterhood lasts forever and I am now making a decision to become as active as I can beginning today. I was invited by a St Louis Metro soror as well as an ESLAC soror to today’s reclamation event. I also promised the late Soror Chyriell Drain I would do this. She is smiling today. As I said earlier voting was the first step. I can do the rest through my church, through UCM, and now through my sorority as well! OoooohOooop

11 of 30. #30DaysofGratitude Today I am grateful for freedom. Today I am grateful for those who have served this country in times of rest and unrest fighting for that freedom. I am grateful for my friends who are active duty or retired or reserves or otherwise wore the Uniform of our country. For each of you, I am grateful. As a former manager in AAFES I came to this area 24 years ago with NAF orders to Scott AFB as a Exchange Computer Technician. I went to the chapel for my church. I am grateful for the relationships I have made and continue to have with military members and their families. The person in the military is not the only one I honor today - the family serves as well. It is a unique service. One that I don't take for granted. Thank you to those who have served in spite of _____. Whatever you have to fill in the blank - you kept serving! THANK YOU is inadequate but it comes from my heart.

Day 12 of 30. Today my gratitude focus was the November highlight in my 2020 Gurl Thats U Scholarship Calendar. My sister @carol3loves Carol Daniel representing women in media. 2020 has been a year shaped by media coverage and no matter ur preference for a news source it mean everything to have a voice u can trust. I am grateful for trusted media voices. my sis Carol. Shoutout to voices we can trust. The other shoutout this month was for my sisters in ministry. Other voices we trust in the kingdom. Whether as First Ladies or CoPastors or Pastors or Leaders these and more have blessed us. Whether we follow on social media or they lead in ur local church these trusted ministry voices have been able to cut through the distractions on social media during this pandemic while encouraging and teaching and leading and covering in prayer and passion and I am grateful to each of them. Thank you to you all but in particular my First Lady for stepping out of your comfort zone during this pandemic and being ON FIRE on social media these past 7 months! Love u all and I am grateful to serve with you in the kingdom here in the 618 and 314! What sister in media or ministry are you grateful for? Let em know!

13 of 30. Today I am grateful for being as consistent as I have been with closing these rings. I don’t always close them all. I am grateful for my playlists on YouTube! A wobble, Cupid shuffle, then freestyle dancing for 7 more songs always saves the day! I don’t always feel like it but I have finally convinced myself that I CAN do it. I DO have the discipline to do this one part of the things I need to do for my health. Lord help me with the other consistencies I need to make the difference! #jesusbeafencearoundfriedchicken I am grateful for my Apple Watch buddies who encourage me to keep it going! I’m just trying to keep up! What types of accountability help you stay consistent? Thank them today.

Day 14 of 30. This is late in the day because I have been at it all day. 830 Leadership Zoom. 10am Coaching client. 11am coaching client. Noon help Men’s Zoom get started and handoff to Bro Dave 1pm Meeting with @nickatnite_914 who will be our new Scholarship team lead yay. 2pm Coaching client. 330pm Coaching client 5pm made dinner (ordered takeout) 6pm started working on sermon and virtual Newlife things for tomorrow. So I am grateful because when I looked to my right I saw these beautiful flowers that were sent to me by Deb Sims and @annclay35 with just a note of thanks for all I do. I don’t need stroking to motivate me to do what I do because I love it and I’m called to it but ITS NICE WHEN IT HAPPENS. I’m grateful. #sistersupportingsisters

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