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From Vision to Reality

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Yesterday I felt like some greens. So I had to do several things to enjoy this bowl.

. #1 I had to go to the store to find some. U can’t just roll up anywhere and get some good ones. I had to buy the other stuff of course turkey tails. Garlic. Onions. Peppers. Etc. It was a long day so by the time I got home with them it was 730pm. So then I had to pick the stems off 8 mixed bags of mustard turnip kale and collards. From there I moved to the kitchen counter to roll up and chop up the greens. I then transferred to the sink filled with water on once side and a strainer on the other side. I rinsed and filled both sinks 6 times to get all the greens nice and clean. By this time the turkey tails, peppers onions garlic and seasoning had been boiling for almost an hour and had a nice little pot liquor started. So I began to place the washed greens in the pot layering seasoning in between each mixed green layer. I put the top on and let it cook. I boiled some water for hot water cornbread and another pot to boil some eggs. By 1130pm I was eating this delicious bowl. They are so good and fresh and yummy. Here is the moral to this story. When I was envisioning this bowl in my mind I really wanted it. In my mind I tried to think of ways I could have some without doing anything. Like just ordering from door dash some place who sells greens. There was no such place. Like call Mrs Kat to see if she had some in the freezer. Like call my Uncle Michael or Uncle Nate to see if they had some in his freezer to fed ex me (too much). There was no way to take my vision to the reality of this bowl EXCEPT A PLAN AND EXECUTION OF THAT PLAN. So I wrote the vision down (grocery list) and I hopped in the car and did step one of my plan (see #1 above) I continue to execute one step after the other until I got to this completed goal of an actual bowl of mixed greens.

What is on your vision board that you made this year that you want to take from vision to reality. What is on your vision board from last year that you still haven’t taken to a point of reality? Remember you went to the vision board party and had such a good time and made a masterpiece, but what have you done? If you want to execute a couple of your envisioned goals, get accountable with someone. Get a coach. Tell a friend who will hold your feet to the fire. Connect with a LifeGroup (or other likeminded group) to set up a group of people to encourage you. Whatever you do - do something. Just take one step. In order to get this great bowl of greens I had to first go to the store. What do you need to do first? Do that this week. Be blessed - and be a blessing!

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