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Don’t Get Distracted

Many times Satan’s greatest weapon, his most used tactic to steal from us, is simply to get us to look his way; to focus our attention in his direction.

Peter looked at the wind and the waves. Martha looked at all the work to do.

In boxing, my husband says one of the oldest tricks is if I can get you watching my right hand and then hit you with my left.

Satan is not only a master at deception, but also a master of distraction.

In the midst of all of this COVID19 attention it is relatively simple for the enemy to have us looking at the wrong things. Give CNN a break. Look at God. Quit looking 45 and his antics and look to the hills from where our real help is coming. Stop feeling stuck at home and thank God for being safe at home. Stop counting the death toll and recount the survival numbers. Don’t get distracted get laser focused on what ur assignment is in the midst of all of this. Only God can turn this around so as for me and my house we will trust only God and keep our eyes in that direction.

Be blessed today! Stay safe!

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