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Don't Dim That Little SHINE Either!

When I was growing up at Mt Olive MBC in Clarksville, Tennessee, one of the songs we used to sing in the Cherub Choir and at Sunday School was THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE. We proclaimed that all in my home...All in my car...All at my job we were gonna do what...let it shine. We went even further in the song to say - Jesus gave it to me - I'm gonna let it SHINE! This little light - Yes even that little light.

I have a question for you! Are you rationing your little light right now? Are you waiting until you can do something a little bigger? Are you waiting until you are better at it? Are you waiting until you have a bigger following? Or are you giving God something now with that light, that SHINE that is uniquely you?

Today I saw a post from @TabithaBrown and she is not only on the New York Times Best Seller List but she is Number 1. It all started with her authentic video about her eating a fake bacon sandwich from Whole Foods after working out at the gym. She went viral and she went to work from there. She always had the dreams of being an actress, but her real life, her real SHINE, her real GIFT made room for all she is doing now as God has blessed her tremendously. She is still the same Tab that was on that original video and it was that heart of just letting her "little light" shine that started the incredible light she illuminates world-wide now!

Don’t expect God to use you as a lighthouse if he can't expect to use you as a candle where you are! Find something to light up this week. Even your little light can change the look of a room. Use it. Once God gets the glory he can take that little light and change more than you think! A little boy’s lunch was the catering menu for a multitude in Jesus‘ hands. However tiny the spark that comes out when you use it, God can make it brighten the lives of many.

Matthew 5:16 says In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Don't get it twisted, it's not for my glory, it is so God can be glorified. It's HIS gift. He GAVE it to me. When I use HIS gift (let the light shine before others) that GIFT just keeps on GIVING and he gets the GLORY! Don’t. Dim. Your. S. H. I. N. E. That's the Special Happening Inside Nobody Else!

Be blessed and be a blessing! #DagDailyDose

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