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A Gurl With A PLAN (Purpose Living Action NOW!) By Dagne Barton

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Everyone loves a good planner.  At the start of the new year, we have resolutions and plans and visions and dreams - so we chart out to buy the perfect planner.  We keep it going through the first quarter pretty well, but by April, those daily entries turn to weekly and by May it's more like once a month and then you are cleaning up in the fall and find it someplace not having been used since the summer. A Gurl with a PLAN first teaches you about laying out an executable plan and then gives you the tools and the blank pages to make one or two and DO them.  It is about action.  It is also about not preempting your actions with set in stone calendar dates that just keep coming and going regardless of your natural rhythms.  This journal/planner is blank for you to use for the amount of time you need it to execute a few projects at a time for a certain period, or for daily/weekly/monthly planning.  You make it what you need it to be by laying out the day/week/month as you see fit.  You set the course based on what your REAL life has going on right now.  That's what we mean by Purpose Living Action NOW! You are much more likely to complete (action) whatever the goal is (purpose) so that your life (living) will have structure and meaning in the NOW!  You can get all the tools you need in this one planner, along with downloadable videos to step you through using it to its fullest capacity.  Coach Dagne Barton will help you turn your vision board into an actionable board in no time.
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