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Phenomenal Woman..Gurl That's U!

As women, the sooner we understand the inside...the sooner we understand the wonderfully and fearfully...the sooner we get what the “IT” factor is all about..the better. Anything great about you, anything great about me, was pre-planned by God. He put the shine on the inside from day one. The moment that his impartation of the shine and your acceptance and embrace of the shine met that's when “phenomenal” took place. This book will help you get to your phenomenal. But it starts with embracing your shine. Your shine is the Special Happening In Nobody Else. The moment we embrace our shine, accept the wonderfully and fearfully, and stop coveting someone else’s shine, that's the day phenomenal takes place. The icing on the cake is when you then share that with another sister! This book is a sharing from one sister to another.  

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